Congress facilities

Your approach to your business partners may tell a lot about you company. All of us want to be good hosts and present the best we have.Should your business activites require organization of the presentations, seminars, lectures, conferences may address to us, because we are offering the best services of the congress facilities. We may assist you to send your business partners clear message that you and your company are orientated to the future and operate in the world-class environment.

This is to present UNITIC congress facilities:

UNITIC Congress facilities differ from our competition in representative space, high-tech equipment, good price and professional approach of our staff. We may organize for you under the suitable conditions serving of soft drinks/spirit as well as bites/meals upon your request (caterin services) amphitheater is exclusive and ergonomic, what ensure real satisfaction of all your senses. Organization of the Congress facilities is such to provide meeting halls of different capacity, from 8 to 320 seats.

At mezzanine is located VIP room provided for special clients and special purposes.
Upon your request kind staff of UNITIC would be at your disposal offering to you:

  • Audio and video equipment,
  • Complete set for simultaneous interpreting,
  • Possibilities for analog and digital recording and processing of voice information,
  • Phone lines, internet connection,
  • Wireless and conference microphones,
  • Stand for the speakers,
  • LCD projector,
  • Flipchart,
  • Screen, and 
  • Office equipment.