About us

UNITIC-Ujedinjena investiciona i trgovačka kompanija/ United Investment and Trading Company (aka UNITIC d.o.o.) is joint venture company established 1998 by and between Holding Preduzeće UNIS Sarajevo and Kuwait Consulting & Investment Co. Kuwait. Holding Preduzeće UNIS transferred into the joint company the Business Center and Kuwait Consulting & Investment Co. invested money for the reconstruction and rehabilitation. It is necessary to stress that at the time of the establishment of the Company it wab the largest foreign investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We are dedicated to ensure safe business environment in the Center with high tech equipment according to the applicable international standards in order to provide the highest possible work conditions for our clients. We do apply the best practice and experience in maintenance and protection of the infrastructure of the Business Center, respecting criterion of timely, kind, undisturbed, safe, functional, attractive, comfortable and environmentally safe premises.

Our reputation as leading Business center is undisputable, because of responsible, confidential, reliable, organized, honest, human and friendly approach to our clients, offering the best possible solutions for them. In comparison with our competition, we are offer faster and better quality service for the same money. In order to accomplish the above stated objectives we do employ competent staff aware of their respective tasks and duties.

UNITIC future plans are directed to both new activities and further expansion of the Center in order to make a functional unit and complete our present offer.

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